Our People

Someone asked Mark Twain why he was so successful. He answered, “Because I was born excited.” At AHI Travel we understand that travel is a people business. The success of the program depends on the people who planned your journey, the quality of the care you receive before you travel and, most of all, on the people you encounter during your travels.

Because of this understanding, AHI invests heavily in this precious resource. We employ some of the very best people in the travel industry. We understand that knowledge, skill and commitment are necessary for success. But, like Mark Twain, we also understand that, above and beyond all that, enthusiasm and passion are critical to providing travel experiences that surprise and delight.

The foundation of the success that AHI Travel has enjoyed for more than 50 years is our people. Many members of the AHI team have been with the company for 10, 20 and even 30 plus years. All of our programs are thoroughly inspected and meticulously planned—most often by one of the owners of the company. Each traveler is assigned a single Passenger Service Representative who will coordinate all aspects of their travel arrangements and ensure that all is set for a successful travel experience. All of our on-site Travel Directors are mature industry veterans trained to perform to the exacting standards we set for them. Virtually all are multi-lingual. They perform their duties with passion and an expertise that adds another dimension to your travel experience.

Read more about the travel directors and lecturers of AHI Travel.

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